About Me

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I'm a Freelance UX Consultant. 

I work with a range of companies, from startups to multinationals, who are open to making profound changes to their business through design.

My approach is very much about the marriage between business objectives and users' needs. I work with stakeholders, development teams and users themselves to create new product experiences.


Holistic Experience

Using a deep understanding of how customers interact with products and services, I envision ways to create engaging experiences that create fans, not just users.

As a designer covering all UX disciplines, I have helped companies define the experience of products and services that meet business objectives.

As a strategist, I have acted as a change agent, helping companies restructure their development process around a user-centred approach.



I use the latest user centred design methods to create a coherent experience across multiple touchpoints.

I'm naturally drawn to simplifying complex problems and have a mobile first mindset when creating cross-platform services.

Over a decade of experience designing for mobile devices (and more recently tablets) has given me an intrinsic ability to prioritise UX requirements and focus on the key tasks.

Working together

I have worked with companies at every step from the birth of an idea through to delivery. I can work with you in a manner that suits your situation, e.g...

  • As a specialist working in a multidisciplinary team.
  • In a design consultancy capacity, working throughout the user centred design lifecycle. Clients compare my services with those offered by a design agency.

My Principles

A window into my mindset...

  • Design is inherently iterative.
  • Usable isn't enough. Good design is playful.
  • Good experiences are sticky and engaging.
  • Truly understanding the problem helps create a competitive advantage.
  • Good design can change people's lives.